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Story ⚫ A group of friends decide to enter a sewer tunnel to find and record evidence of the cryptid known as crawler creatures, which people all around the world have been capturing footage off.  Soon enough you get lost and separated from your friends, as you hear a distant otherworldly screech, now its up to you to make it out of the disorienting sewer tunnels alive.

Description ⚫ Crawlerphobia is a 90s VHS found footage horror experience that plays on realistic situations and claustrophobic environments with a deep atmosphere.

⚫ Features multiple endings ⚫ One good ⚫ One bad

"A Crawler is a commonly-seen cryptid with pale skin, long-limbs, and a tall, thin body. They are generally seen around sewers and other underground areas. There are stories of this creature being seen all throughout America and other places in the world."


Movement = WASD

RUN = Left shift



ZOOM WITH CAMERA = Right mouse button



Best played in 1920x1080 resolution.

You can adjust quality settings inside the game through ESC > Options.

You can view / edit controls inside the game through ESC > Controls.

PS4 / XboxOne Controller Support - Connect before executing the game and it will auto detect input at launch. Due to auto detection you must disconnect controller before launching if you want Keyboard&Mouse.

Similar to my other game TRAPT: https://azaxor.itch.io/trapt and part of my short VHS game series, more entries each with unique settings and stories will come soon here on Itch. If you want to stay updated on this follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AzaGameStudio

Checkout my main VHS title and consider wish-listing it on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1469390/CATACOMBIA/

Thanks for your support and for playing!

Created by Aza Game Studio.


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Sup guys,  Your game was scary as hell, fun, and unique. The monsters where scary and loud, I loved when I was just walking in the dark and all I hear a few feet in front of me was a monster screaming and about to rip me to pieces, I ran for my life! The only thing I didn't like was the water part where the giant snake could just see you an run you down while you are walking super slow trying to get away. I still enjoyed the game and I honestly thing it was a really good short game, please keep up the hard work an I can't wait to play more of your guys games next. p.s. I made a lets play of your game I hope you don't mind.

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Tho I'm not the biggest fan of maze type games (simply because I suck at them) I gotta say this was cool. Though I'll admit it did irritated me just slightly still it was FUN!! 


This game scared the crap out of me!! I had to stop playing it, its very unsettling! Great game!

What will I find, and will I make it out? Check it out and subscribe!

SKIP TO 25:44!!!

had fun on this game


Thanks for playing pTs42!

Thanks for playing Ty View!

Thanks for playing LadyTenJoin!

Thanks for playing Gerald Jones!

Very interesting horror game! Though I would admit there are some improvements to be made:

- Having the enemies attacks be more climactic (Screen shake, etc..), it just seems so dull at the moment.

- Having things such as keys glow a bit, as the static makes it a bit hard to notice sometimes.

- A way to outrun the snake by giving it rats to eat.

Thanks for feedback and thanks for playing!


Прохождение на русском, игра ОГОНЬ!

I went back in to take on the crawler and got no damage. I  think I  am ready for the crawler part 2!!

Very scary, very fun, VERY annoying!! Took me 4 hours to beat! Still fun tho, at least it is once you find the first hidden door!

Bruh.... the game is aesthetically pleasing and definitely creepy.   I do think it could use some improvement . I got really frustrated with  the aimless wandering. Maybe some sort of guidance system? Like the player has to draw their own map or something? Not sure. Otherwise, dope game! Deserves a part 2 for sure!

The drawing your own map Idea is an amazing idea!!

I really liked this game! It was so fun and an awesome addition to my channel. I found progressing in the second part of this game was a bit hard to find but that could just be me lol. I would definitely recommend this one. Thanks for the amazing game 

This game is a creepy one for sure! I love the VHS style and it's done really well! Crawlerphobia is defiantly worth the play!


I love it. Still need to play more =).


Hello, we playerd your games recently in 1scGames and we really liked them. would you be interested in publishing a game on our newly made launcher DigitaLl?

the presentation of this was really nice but I wish there was some mechanic that helped find items.

Hi there, I think the look and feel of the game are great but damn, I am so bad at maze/running games, I didn’t even make it close to the end and had to give up. I wish it was easier to escape/hide so I could explore a bit, because as it was, I was basically running in panic mode the entire time (got killed once without even seeing the monster, so this didn’t help me in my frantic state, lol). But seeing the other reviews, I guess that’s all because I just suck at these kind of games and I accept that. 

Like many, I did not finish this game but still had fun. Reminded me of when I was a teenager and used to do stupid stuff like crawl into water drainage pipes. Part 2 of my vid for whomever is interested.

Gameplay BR
Jogo bom, só que fiquei uns 20 minutos andando até achar a entrada certa para progredir...

I couldn't do it. I've played an ungodly amount of horror games but this was too much for me. Bravo game makers!

Is there anything worse than crawling inside narrow tunnels?..

We genuinely thought this game was scary. We also had a lot of fun with it!! 

Hello! I played it and i actually really enjoyed it! i might be coming back to it because i died right at the end and there was no save system so i went all the way to the beginning so thats the only thing i think should be changed. But other then that this was amazing! It had great atmosphere scares and sounds so good job! heres the playthrough if you wanna see! 

Ignore the spelling mistake in my thumbnail. Though don't ignore my reaction. That is not a mistake because playing the game was! Too much for me

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Hi there, Azaxor! First of all, I think this was one of the better free horror games I've played. The game's atmosphere was fairly decent.  Although, I feel as though it was ruined by the cryptid's janky behavior.

And I know that it is the point of the game but is there a way to lower the filter. The filter effect on the screenshots looks fine but in the game, it is terrible. It is hard to see and it's difficult to be scared of something if you can't see what's in front of you. Maybe that's just me. I can't wait to see what you have in store next.

I did do a playthrough of it on my channel. Check it out whenever.

Full Walkthrough if anyone gets lost. I felt sympathy after i died so many times. I loved this game so much. This is a great game!

Before I download, what are the system requirements? I have a decent laptop, apart from the GPU (Intel UHD Graphics). 

I gave this a go and it starts at 11:54

Really liked this one. Good job. 

Its an awesome concept i enjoyed it i just wish there were maybe a few more jumpscares in terms of the monsters.


A sewer horror game huh... So tight corridors and soggy socks awaits. I got just that but what I got too much of was the in your face monsters and spooky/chase music that was always playing. I really feel like this game would have benefited from a more of a slow burn or some kind of build up. This game wasn't scary at all and at times you couldn't even see the screen because of the water/splash effects. I did like the addition of you having to sometimes crouch or even... crawl lol. I wish that was used more. This game is just run that's pretty much it.

- Great title music (it makes for a great set-up for your game)
- Brief crouch/crawl tutorial at the beginning (that was a great way to show that hey we will be using these)
- I like mazes

- Too much running (that is how you beat this game, you miss out on alot of things because you have to run the whole time)
- Some monsters are too fast (Water snake kills you even if you are running so it's a gg for you if you see one)
- This game is too in your face (I know that probably was the point seeing as the whole game is like that but you are in a sewer that in itself is scary, you didn't play off that at all just kinda covered it up, like this games setting could have been anything with tight spaces and it would have been the same experience)
- Some of the screen effects need to be turned back a little ( when you get to the high water part you pretty much can't see or make out anything so.. just run)
- And please if we are going to run most of the time and it's a maze maybe make it so that your speed stays the same if you are looking to the side while running forward (strafing) that would boost the experience a little.

And even with all these cons I still played it until I got an ending so keep it up, and I hope to see more. GGs

Just wanted to share that i just uploaded the second episode of my lets play series with my wife which features this game. be sure to come check it out! 

Honestly, the sound effects REALLY got to me and jump scared me ALOT!! This was a really well put together game. The only thing that I did have an issue with was how often I would get lost, it might've just been me but there one point when I just kept going in circles for 30 minutes. 

But all in all really solid game. 😊

this game was scary as heck good job developer if yall wanna check out me getting paranoid you come to the right place 

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