A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Description: Endless Legacy is a RETRO infinite randomized dungeon crawl rogue-like RPG with a nice 80's style. Progress through the eerie dungeons with ur map, and dwell deeper into the mystery of what lies within. Get endless loot, face endless threats & monsters and become a legacy!

I needed more players for the open beta, so i uploaded it to Itch!

Made by Azaxor of Aza Game Studio in Unity 5.

Thank you for checking the project out!

  • Gameplay features:
    Top down view camera - with programmed mouse scroll zoom in and out script and camera view switch on button "B".
    Procedurally generated infinite dungeons
    Character stats and character GUI window with equipment and level up.
    Health bar, mana bar, experience bar
    Inventory GUI - drag and drop items on all GUI windows and move them around freely on screen.
    Randomized Loot system with over 150 different items ( but always expanding )
    Randomized Monster system with over 100 different monsters ( but always expanding )
    Potions, scrolls, upgrade books.
    Turn based roguelike gameplay & permadeath
    Increasing monster difficulty and types aswell as loot and rare loot chance
    based on your characters level.
    Endless leveling possibilities, Nice atmospheric music - sound FX for: items,player, and different sounds for all monsters. Kinda permadeath in a way that you cant save, but you can restart with same char, in future we will have many chars to choose from before spawning ingame.
  • Gameplay mechanics & features for the future:
  • Spellsystem - learn spells from new talent tree GUI window, and learn new spells through picking up books.
  • Diablo like mana and health gui - 3-4 Different classes to choose from
  • More sprite animations ingame aswell as more coloured dungeons, more tile diversity aswell.
  • Multiplayer - Online LAN Co op
  • Dynamic dungeon generation, tile generation, even more random and better looking dungeons!

Install instructions

How to play:

Extract data_folder and exe from winrar archieve.

Keep exe.file and map data folder in same folder or on desktop

double click .exe file to execute game!


EndlessLegacyV.1.4.zip 47 MB


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i don't understand how to play this game at all!

i can't kill a single monster

it's too hard

You regenerate health when you walk around, and monsters can only move when you move, also you should grab items quickly in the beginning in order to survive, but to be honest the first spawn can be kinda unfair but it is possible to progress.
 I am unfortunately not working on the game atm due to my main project, but i plan to update this game in the future with 3 classes and vendors in game and more randomized gameplay.

Does it have a linux build?


This build should work on linux, but haven't tested it.

Feel free to come with constructive feedback, there might be minor bugs, but the build is pretty stable! Thank you for playing!