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Thank you for making this game! It was a real trip for us, and we had a really wonderful (and pretty freaked out) time. Hope to see more by you!

Don't booli.

The game was SUPER laggy, but when I entered the library i took out the camera and saw someone, i turned it off and turned it on again, the woman DISAPPEARED and i got scared. Also, when I entered the school, I took out the camera and a little kid running SCARED the SHIT outta me..3 stars lmao

This one is a bit different from "Perdita" and I like it more. Scaling is completely off though, in the first location it feels like you playing tiny midget and have to look up to see door handle, but as soon as you enter school you are 2 meter giant walking beneath the ceiling. 

Setting is pretty dope. Short and exciting horror story, didn't have time to get bored, so it works well. Played it through twice and noticed other things I missed in my first playthrough. Keep coming with good ideas and make sure not to do same mistakes.

That was weird and unexpected, but enjoyable!

Very interesting game went over hard topics and introduced pretty creepy vibes bravo Dev.


Sad that he did not understand the meaning behind it and ended it pretty fast, even though he is known for exploring every detail of a game normally. 

(German Let's Play:)


The Game was really cool and I loved the how the game used the camera to see things that your eyes could not. I did a let's play of it. 


Had a chance to play this game! i think i enjoy psychologcial horror a lot this game has a deeper meaning timestamp - 6:48 


BE KIND TO OTHERS! | Forgotten School / 忘れられた学校 (Short Japanese Horror) 

This game was short but sweet! I should go back to play more tbh!


It was ok, it had nice atmosphere, some chilling scenes... i enjoyed it... Keep up the good work...

Loved the old school vibe and the atmosphere.


Little short but Still very creepy 


Forgotten School reminds me of a lot of Japanese horror experiences in that there is a deeper meaning beyond just making a scary game. Though Forgotten School is a brief experience, it has more impact than many horror titles that span several hours. I look forward to seeing more from the developer! 


Short but really great visuals and atmosphere. I recorded a clip for the Youtube! Thanks for uploading


i like the style of the game just thought it was a bit too short but i liked it overall good work 


Wow, the atmosphere and moral of the story were awesome! Got scared a few times too! Here's my little playthrough (polish language) Cheers!

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I really wanted to see more. Understand the game was made in a week though, so I hope you're treating this as a bit of a demo or teaser. I'd love to see you take the time to expand the game, open up more of the school to explore.

I added my own gameplay here and you can see how I wanted to explore more. lol

Someone else already suggested adding the ability to turn off the destination marker. I agree. Not knowing where you're going encourages you to explore the area more, especially if you do keep working on it and open more for exploration and story.


great game

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Pretty cool game check out my video!


How I have missed this game?! I was so waiting your Akai Noroi game to steam that i didn't even realize you have something else to offer too! I really liked this one, I see  you used some same stuff what was in Perdita. Just wondering, should that hanging woman move?! lmao. but really atmospheric and sad game!


I played this in a 2 scary games video and this game was so creepy! Its the second game I played:

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Pretty good short game. Although I didn't really understand the message its trying to convey. One thing I would suggest is to have an option to turn off the destination marker to give the players an incentive to explore the school.


good game, i had fun playing it, honestly was not expecting that ending, i had a different idea of the game . thought it was heading towards a "paranormal style like a ghost hunting you thru the school you need to survive and escape" type game .  i really like the message  at the end. keep up the good work friend  i made a playthrough of it  :D


Brilliant little mini Japanese horror game! Hopefully it gets expanded upon!

CREEPY SCHOOL VHS HORROR GAME | Forgotten School | Free Download Link In Description


Solid experience. The visuals are interesting and i'm excited for future games. 


This was really cool! A great atmospheric game with a dark twist! The visual style is amazing. Here's my playthrough: 


The game was cool!  I liked the style, atmosphere and aesthetic for the game to!


Loved the overall meaning of the game, and you really nailed the aesthetic. I realize afterwards I kinda stumbled into the ending faster than intended but wanted to keep my true first experience as opposed to re-recording. I still felt like it was impactful to me as is.



🎀 WOW, WHAT A SH*TSHOW... | Forgotten School Full Gameplay


This game actually has such a deep meaning!! It actually made me sad at the end because I know how it feels... But other than that, this is a very nice game and I really like the VHS style of the game.

Very neat, how I interpreted your art, walking around with camera can be very spooky, be fearful of ceiling hands touching when you're in class. And the moral of be kind, very deep, very introspective of the political climate of horror. Thank you. 

Really cool game! I would like if you checked out my video

This game as a potential, there is alot of details to rework but still good and its the first time I see a really good horror game concept like this, almost innovating.

                                                                Detail to rework

At the beggining, when we are at the outside of the school, walking sounds are a bit poorly done ; I only hear it when I press A,S,D but not W to basicelly walk (I have a AZERTY keyboard so I changed keybinds to Z,Q,S,D).

Second is the rain ; there is not so much cloud at the sky to rain this much and rain anyway, so just add a sky full of clouds.

Aesthetic effect with the rain can be better but it still amazing for now, other bugs and details forgotten are more important to that tiny detail and its my taste, and thats what makes the game so good and almost a innovating concept.

I think there is something wrong with the camera system, you can literally see writtings throught everything, and if its not in my taste this is not a good idea.

                                                                 End of the game

The end of the game is not really a good one but like you said its a short game developped on one week so I can't really say it's a bad one.

Thanks for making this good game anyway !

First game I played in my 3 scary games video I did for Halloween.

I really liked the VHS style you went with and the camera mechanic makes me wonder if there was anything that I missed since I don't know if I could have pulled out the camera before entering the school. 

Overall it was short but freaky!

What a cool and creepy atmospheric game just in time for Halloween! I hope you all enjoy the gameplay.

Creepy atmosphere and a good message at the end.

(Your game begins at 41:26)

Now that, that was a chilling experience!

While I question why this student is runnin around with a camera at school exactly, it is VERY effective once it actually comes into use, simply by virtue of just how much horrifying stuff it throws at you almost immediately. Very, very creepy.

If anything is to be nitpicked, it would be that the ending is entirely too abrupt, with the final "message" ending up making very, very little sense considering that moral is barely even built up, not even with context clues. I have some ideas, sure, but it comes across as someone pulling the power cable in the middle of th game and just leaving you unable to finish.

What we got, however, was great. Awesome work!


Hey, I played your game in my latest Horror Games video! I absolutely loved the game, it freaked me out real good! It starts at 7:24! Hope you enjoy the video!

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