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the game is great

This was a beautiful looking game. The reflections on the ground right of the bad almost scared me though it looked amazing.

Matching the looks with the sounds made the game super great and really spooky to play. The whole story was pretty intriguing as well (Was it based on a true story?) and it was fun to explore through everything and figure out where to go. 

The little jumpscares in between were really effective mainly because of the sounds; you implemented them well. The sounds also made the last part really, really spooky! 

Great and super fun little short game! Good luck for other projects you might do!

HIYA now despite me being mad due to my stupidity I did enjoy the time I put into the game, also SORRY IF I WAS BEING A BIT OF A DICK. I'm just a AH also slight temper due to my stupidity again BUT... it was fun non the less. 

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This game scared the freak outta me and I don't wanna ever work late again. Loved it so much even if it was quickie lol Feel free to check out my gameplay~!

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Nice game

Short and sweet game.

A very short and fun experience where you go to find your car after a day of overtime, only to find out it's not there and there is some very strange stuff going on. 

Graphically this game is very pleasing with nice reflection details and the carpark does look like a horror scene with the blue tones and fog effects and creepy lighting.

The atmosphere is on point and does feel really eerie, there is a mix of good horror elements that keep you engaged in the game.

Overall a fun little experience, it was a shame it was short but it will be interesting to see what the creator comes up with in the future if a longer horror is made.


Tried out your game...

Loved this game and DEFINITELY was not ready for the end. Check my gameplay of it :) Love you

Game starts at 11:40. I had fun with this one :). The atmosphere and general tone really kept me on edge. The game ran without any issues and I didn't experience any bugs. If I had to suggest anything it would be to have more of an interaction with the enemy at the end. I would recommend this game

interesting game looooool starts at 2:28

I was a little bit confused but this has potential to be fully developed, creative!

Here is a play through:

Creepy! Love the idea and the look of the game!

Hello there

I am interested in your game and was wondering if you could tell me how long it is?

Hey, around 5-10 minutes It's a short game made in 2 days but hopefully I will produce a extended version in the future! Thanks for your question!

Thanks for getting back! If it's okay, I'd like to make a video on this :D

Sure, no problem! Thanks for playing!

This game made me jump....

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it, hope to extend upon the experience and story one day!

This game scared me soooo much!! Loved the idea behind the game.

Good graphics and a creepy atmosphere. Definitely has the fear factor.

I look forward to future projects. Keep up the great work.

Here is my game play :) Starts at 20:00

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it, hope to extend upon the experience and story one day!
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It was such a good game!! I can't wait to see what else you do with the story. I swear my reactions to some of the things happening were too much lmao

Good job my guy, keep up the great work!

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed the game!

very enjoyable game 

A short Indie Horror game that has a lot of potential and an easily expandable story! The graphics were pretty decent too! Here's hoping the Creator of this game will make more like this in the future!
(Sorry about the video quality at the beginning, YouTube compression does not like screen static...)

This is a really good game ! great atmosphere , and nice graphical reflections.

My gameplay on it .

Sweeet! That was cool. The details were spot on and even though I couldn't figure out what was happening, it made sense in the end. The controls for the interaction was a bit awkward and reversed when you needed to open the panel. Otherwise the rest was great!

Bro that scare though............ I was about to wet my pants lol. I really like the look of this. Do you have more games on here and/or steam? Would love to check em out
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Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for playing! I sure do, you can find more of my games available on Itch here:
I am currently working on CATACOMBIA.

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Thanks again!

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please make a longer version of this I love it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ

Thanks for playing! The game was created in 2 days. At this moment I am too busy with other projects but i might return and create a extended version of this game one day. Thanks again.

So, this game was good, I like it a lot, there were two parts were I was scare, and that is good in a videogame like this. Are you too scare to play it yourself? Then come to my channel and hear me get scare for you with my awesome voice.

This game was interesting. I really liked the feeling of the game. it was very eerie and intense. the bodies gave me chills. Really good game in my opinion. I give it a 5/5. I decided to add my gameplay into my 4 scary games video. Here is my video if anyone is interested. The game starts at 13:07.

HOLY COW this was great! I loved how simple but creepy this was! It got me super good at the end lol this was the 2nd game in the video 

WHY THE BUNNY?! I truly enjoyed playing this, i wish it was longer but well done! :)

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Thanks for playing, the reason it is very short is due to being produced in 2 days, I am currently busy with other projects but i might revisit this game / idea  and create a extended cut one day. We will see. Thanks again.

Either way i loved it and excited to play more of your games! :)


Great game played it for my 3 Terrifying games really scary! Great work 

Thank you so much for the experience! Here's my playthrough, if anybody's interested. 

I like the vibe, art style, and vhs style of the game! 

Liked your game! Short but sweet, genuinely scary, especially for a short experience.

That was a fun little game! It looked really good too!Great Job!

I was just trying to go home.... 


new video up (yes this game is in it , it's the second game i play) check it out super funny

It is short, but for what it packs in that <5 minute gameplay it's certainly worth the download.

It's the first game I played in the video

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