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Big thanks to Alpha Beta Gamer for playing my game!
Check out their play through here:

This bothers me a lot. You have this great atmosphere and pacing, but the story and horror elements need some massive improvement. This game crashed 3 times while I was playing and I got spawned out of the map.

I'm sorry if you did not find the story interesting or enjoyed the horror elements. The game should not crash, if you experience continuous crashes try to reduce the graphic quality to the lowest. Have never spawned out of the map either or seen anyone do, so that is also strange. Thanks for reporting this to me though. Hope you will enjoy my next horror title AKAI NOROI, perhaps it is more to your liking. Cheers.

Tried that and guess it worked! Thanks for the response, I am looking forward to your next game though, you have some serious talent.

Beyond my personal gripes of why I should axe every doll I see, this is a very well made game in terms of atmosphere and spooks. (seriously. Screw the dolls.) I wish batteries would refill at least half the flashlight meter instead of just one pip of the meter.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game, I noticed the game was particularly dark in your video, perhaps you can alter this by reduce your gamma on your monitor if you haven't tried already. Anyway in order to progress above the stairs, you need to find a key in the bathroom in the wooden board crack. This is also "hinted" about in the note in the garage. But i agree there is not much hand holding or hints in my game, i will take your feedback on wards with me on my next title. Thank you for your feedback.


Thank you for playing  and for your feedback. The "gameplay" is to figure out the story through the environment & journals, this is not a traditional "hide and seek" kinda horror game, my focus was on the story.
In my next game AKAI NOROI, I will have more focus on cool mechanics and puzzles, I hope you will check it out once it releases. Cheers!

Very well done! I really enjoyed it and think you did a fantastic job, the sound direction was good, the spooks were there for sure, and the story was decent! My one issue was finding the keys especially the "Fishing Room" Key was very difficult and took a lot of time.  I did find everything eventually thogh and beat the game! 


Thank you for playing! Thank you for taking the time to get into the story and search the environment. The fishing room key might be a little too hard to find yes, I am aware of this after studying multiple playthroughs. Glad you enjoyed the game and hope you will play my next game called AKAI NOROI! Cheers.

Really liked the attention to detail and the huge amount of assets. Lots of keys to find though, wish I found the axe from the beginning. :)


Thank you for playing! I enjoyed your playthrough and appreciate your feedback. The game is on Itch, however due to the games file size and Itch's file size limitation, I have it setup to link to IndieDB download page for now. Thanks for checking out the game!

Great game. The graphics are really nice and it's super creepy. I like that things change when you go back to old rooms.

Thank you for playing Perdita. I hope you get to complete it, if you are having trouble finding the fishing room key take a look through the cracked wood in the bathroom and you will find it there. I appreciate your feedback!

This game is awesome atmosphere is so creepy it's one of the best games i have ever played, i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Thank you for playing Perdita. I enjoyed your playthrough and hope you will checkout my next game AKAI NOROI! Coming in 1-2 months.

Of course i'm so excited for it .

Hey! You did a pretty great job with the sound design and the overall feel and clutter of the house! However, the gameplay falters a little bit because of that, keyhunting in suck a cluttered space just ends up feeling like a scavenger hunt and I think the game could do a lot better than that, you've obviously got some talent!

Hey. Thank you for playing the game!
I intend to have less key hunting and more puzzles in my next game which you can learn more about on my Twitter.  You figure out the story interacting with objects / reading journal pages. Most of the objects have some meaning relating to the story. I also created a lot of the paintings in the game myself and transfered the textures.
Currently most of the keys in Perdita for doors / drawers are not too hard to find.  You also need to collect the gas can to remove the arms from the stairs, and later you need the axe for something. The one key though that could be tricky for some, might be the one actually in the bathroom, it is located behind the cracked wood in the bathroom if you look through the crack you will find it! I hope you will try the game again and complete it. Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it.

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I've been recording for over an hour and I got stuck on what to do after you unlock the red drawer... help!

Charles note says that he dropped a key in the bathroom but I searched that shit for about 15 minute but nothing is sus except for the god damn arrow on the wall that means nothing. Also, the closet is empty... nothing but a guitar. Is the objective of the game is to inspect objects?

The key to the fishing room, detailed about in Charles journal, is located in the bathroom, look through the cracked wood in the bathroom and you will find it. Hope this helps!

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