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Story ⚫
A camera containing the last recording of a unknown missing person trapt within a sewer system has been recovered by the local police. Now you will have to relive the persons experience through the recording itself. See if you can alter the outcome.

Description ⚫
TRAPT is a VHS aesthetic found footage horror experience that plays on realistic situations and claustrophobic environments with a deep atmosphere.

⚫ Features multiple endings
⚫ One good ⚫ One bad


Movement = WASD
RUN = Left shift
ZOOM WITH CAMERA = Right mouse button

You can adjust quality settings inside the game through ESC > Options.
You can view / edit controls inside the game through ESC > Controls.

Created by Aza Game Studio.

Official website: https://www.azagamestudio.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AzaGameStudio


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Your visual style is my favorite, so please keep the games coming! If anyone reading this is having trouble getting through the game, I got both endings in my video below:

Thank you so much! I will, if you haven't already be sure to wish-list my game Catacombia on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1469390/CATACOMBIA/

Already wishlisted my dude! Looking forward to it!

Thank you! Got some more free ones in the making too! Cheers

This game was really shot but good. I really didn't get how to beat it we just kept dying. We were trapt lol. Anyway, it was fun to play you can check out my reaction to the game on my channel!

Holy crap this game is absolutely amazing. Wasn't many jump scares and couldn't get the good ending but was very creepy! Love lost footage horror games so this was a gold mine!

Damn, dude.. This game is pretty scary! It made me jump multiple times and make some weird noises haha. Great job on this! I almost gave up on the good ending but I kept coming back to it and finally escaped! Hella fun, man.


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game and managed to pull through and get both endings! You'll be happy to know i got another similar game coming soon!

Me re copó el juego con su estilo found footage y aparte me llevé varios sustos xD siempre recordaré haber jugado esto 

Loved your game! Excellent atmosphere and feel. I enjoyed it very much. Here's my playthrough, if anybody's interested.

You see a lot of indie games try to create an atmosphere of horror through the "Found Footage" method, but more often than not they just don't turn out great. They can feel forced and it takes away some of the fear. This one does not fall into that category. With the incredible atmosphere that has been created, there are actual genuine moments of fear that I have, and I very rarely get afraid or scared by something in games. I will say my one real complaint is that the loud mice in the sewers seemed like a tad much, but the rest of the noises and ambiance is on point. Plus, the absolute uncertainty of what is actually going on with the creature itself, the weird extra paranormal bits, and even the different endings makes this game one that can actually induce fear. On top of that, with the sewer acting as a maze, that adds an entire extra layer of anxiety to the mix. 

Overall, this game was EXTREMELY well made, and was one of my favorite horror games, and definitely one of my favorite One and Done indie games to date. 

Amazing job.

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Thank you very much for the play through and your feedback! The whole theme for this series has always been the theme of claustrophobia in a 90s VHS Found footage horror fueled by realistic situations and of course also inspired by found footage movies. I am very excited for my next project CATACOMBIA, which will take place in Paris Catacombs, the project has been funded and has a composer on it who has worked with the famous Akira Yamaoka from the Silent Hill franchise. The project is currently in testing and steam page will come up sooner or later, it will be a much more polished experience featuring more VHS mechanics and longer gameplay etc. Oh and a tip if you wanna try get the good ending, after you get the key and open the door to the room with the woman eaten by rats, try go the opposite direction and around, listen  for a sleeping homeless man, and sneak past him to his sides, don't wake him up. Past this point you will find a door for the other key you collected!
Thank you so much for playing and glad you enjoy my terrifying vision!


Sorry I'm seeing this so late, I never received a notification for a comment! 
I'll definitely keep an eye out for CATACOMBIA, that sounds like an awesome experience!

Thank you, no problem!
I actually have a few VHS titles upcoming for my VHS series.
Here is some sneak peak trailers!


Scary game! I almost couldn't bring myself to finish it. Made a awesome thumbnail for it.


Nicely down! I love those vhs/camera recording vibes.  Took me a few tries before finding my way out, really enjoyed the game.  Cheers, 

Mój strach za wasz uśmiech :D - ALL ENDINGS!


Great Game Devs 

: )

Loved the feel of it, very reminiscent of "vanish" which gave me literal tremors while playing it LUL. I played this as part of my "3 scary games" playlist so i hope you enjoy =) 

to intense!

I wasn't able to get good ending unfortunately. I guess I also rushed a bit and didn't find the key, like always. But this was really cool game, the VHS style and sewers atmospheric was so creepy. Also unexpected deahts! :D

nice game, only got 1 ending but scary jump scares lol

Thanks for this, really enjoyed it! Good ending was tough to get but cool, appreciate how different the endings are :)

Great game. Loved the creepy atmosphere and VHS design.

We got both endigs.

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Hello! I really enjoyed playing this game the monster was really scary and something to really fear i wish more games were made about the skin walker and really didn't expect running into a hobo which was funny! unfortunately i have only achieved the bad ending so far but hopefully will on my own time to get the good ending  i really had fun playing this and hope to see more games from you in the future! : ) Oh and please enjoy the video i made on your game.

This game was super fun to play the grainy vhs layer adds a real horror touch along with the nightvision of the camera, looking back i only found the bad ending but will definately play again to find the good one! 

 The skinwalker model is really creepy it would of been nice to have some fleshy sounds and growls as it was moving along, although it was just as horrifying when it didn't, a thouroughly good game that was a joy to play.

Video link

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I streamed this game and put the Let's Play up on my YouTube! It was definitely a good scare and worth playing!

Really fun game, although I couldn't find the good ending. Definitely gonna give it a second try for the better ending.

Thanks for the great game :D

Told Ya!


Man, this game really surprised me!

I really didn't expect much to go on in here, but loving the found footage fomula, gave it a try!

I loved the branching paths, in which I found a different thing down each, and would highly suggest giving it a play! (I only found one ending)

Also, in the video, this game gave me the biggest jumpscare of them all, very sneaky and well played!

Here's my video for anyone interested (3rd game at 31:40):


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I very much enjoyed the game! It had a terrifying vibe and the skinwalker scared the bejeezus out of me. I had a lot of fun let's playing it and had to change underpants twice.

I don't understand adults who are shitting in their pants. I hope they're just joking. Please tell me you're joking and you didn't really shit into your pants. And if you did... Don't Tell People!


Well I'm actually still 17 years old so technically I'm not an adult yet and can still get away with it. But no I didn't actually shit my pants, I just like to change my underpants every 7 minutes and 23 seconds to establish dominance over my underwear

I really enjoyed this game and I am excited to see what you make next. The ambience is perfect and I get the same chills as I do from vanish!

Thanks for playing & Glad you enjoyed the game!

yo, played the game, i had a blast but at the same time scared to deth lol. this is literally one of the scariest games i have played in awhile. keep the amazing work. i wanted to point out glitch idk if its been informed  you about it, but whenever i  would crouch the monster could tn get me but other than that the games was really good. keep the amazing work guys :D i also im made a small playthrough 


Glad you enjoyed the game and yes this bug has been fixed.

I want to report something that is preventing me from playing this game. For some reason when i set the resolution to 1024x768 the apply button stoped working,  i kept clicking on it but nothing happened. I believe the reason why is because when i set the resolution to that number, the AZA GAME STUDIO icon ended up blocking the apply button. I don't know what else to do other than to close the game. If you could fix it to where the icon is smaller (or at least take the icon away) then that would be grateful

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Have you tried re-downloading the game and only set the resolution once? The logo shoulden't interfere since it's just a PNG overlay, however the game is best played in 1920x1080. Thanks for your feedback. Or just simply set the resolution while inside the game instead of in main menu.

A very interesting game no background music, scary atmosphere, and unexpected jumpscares!

Great Job!

Thanks for playing and for your feedback, I agree with what you said in the end!

Nice job Azaxor! it took me a few trys to actually get both endings and the monster spooked me a few times to boot!

Overall pretty fun!

Great play through, had fun watching you get spooked. Thanks for playing!

Trapt is creepy, atmospheric and filled with absolutely manky feet. 10/10 for yucky visuals! 😄

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Please re download the game, the bug you experienced has been fixed, the creature kills you even if you crawl now. Glad you enjoyed the game though & thanks for playing!

Hey Azaxor, hope you are having a good day. I really enjoyed this, the aesthetic, the dark anxiety building tunnels, everything! There are a few issues though, I can go into further detail if you like. I just wish this was longer, can't wait for the full game/sequel!


Thanks for playing and hope you are too, and thanks for your feedback! This is the full game, the sequel will be longer and more fleshed out though and will be a whole new story but with same concept. Cheers!

Love this game. Had no Idea there was a monster down there with me; but yeah life sometimes hits you in ways you don't expect. So this game is totally awesome. Check it out.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Love the game. Will play more . This is the type of horror I love

Loved the VHS affect, very gripping atmosphere! Great work! Unfortunately I could not complete 😭 

Thanks for playing! Hope you do manage to complete the game!

I've just finished your game and I really like how the ambient sounds and the  skinwalker spooked me. 

Glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for playing!

Really like the VHS aesthetic! The tinge on everything has a nice effect.

Thank you for your feedback. Hope you enjoy the game!

Thanks for playing  島津の鉄砲兵!

Thanks for playing Taybor89's Let'sPlays!

Thanks for playing ZombleBee!

Thanks for playing Gabbro Boccia!

Its an awesome little game. Well done.

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