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This game is super difficult! The monster scared the crap out of me too 😂 But still, I enjoyed the play session, and I hope you enjoy the video! Good job on the game. 👍🏾

This game possibly gave me the biggest jumpscare ever! so props to you and great game overall noice 

Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

Awesome game! scared the crap out of me... i mean Chad!! literally hate being chased so this got to me  lol thanks for being a part of my youtube :) hope you enjoy my play!

Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

Maaaan!!!! This game gave me chills all the way through. That major jumpscare gave me a slight headache lol. GREAT JOB!!! 

Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

This game have a really great atmosphere and sounds but unfortunately I didn't manage to have a good ending due to the monster and mazelike surroundings. Anyway I really enjoyed it! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

This game really got to me.  Very well made horror game, I really enjoyed it. Check out my vid on it lol

Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

i haven't done a lets play in a long time. This was a great choice of game to get back into it with! Great game I enjoyed it :D


Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

You're very welcome!

This was a cool VHS style horror game! Just the right amount of claustrophobia!

Thanks for playing & for your feedback!

SKIP TO 13:14!!!

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I was able to get the good ending, and I even found a way to pretty much cheat and avoid getting hit completely (@ 7:01).....

Thanks for sharing this, really enjoyed it! :)

Pretty good ngl

Hello Dev and everyone else reading,

I've also played/recorded this spooky game. And to be honest it got me a couple times haha

Check it out here : 

If you like it then please consider subscribing to the channel, I am trying to reach the 300 subscribers milestone!
Thank you for your time and i wish you a AWESOME day!


Youtube : LetsplaywithPerry
Twitter : @ LetsplayPerry

It's been a while since I've been this scared playing a horror game. I liked this horror game a lot and had fun trying it out!

Dude, it took me waaaay too long to figure out what was up with the flailing hobo. Heck, everything took me forever. Great job keeping me anxious the whole time! I would've found the keys so much sooner if I'd just read the instructions.

It was really scary and made me stunned.

Just played your game and enjoyed it, but I didn't make it to any of the endings because I'm bad at mazes.

Thanks for playing PiCOPiCO! ( Both endings )

Thanks for playing MintyTheMitch!

Thanks for playing ScarecrowJ!

At 22:00 in this video:

TRAPT is making an appearance...
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Thanks for playing! Hope you give the game another try and manage to get the good ending!

Looks really cool, trying it out today!

Thanks for checking out the game!

Really enjoyed the game! Can't wait to see more from Aza Game Studio! 

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoy my work, if you want to stay updated on what i do follow me on Twitter:


Bruh, I didn't expect the jump's and it got me good. Played as part of my 3 random horror games :)

Thanks for playing and for your feedback, hope you manage to get the good ending as well!

Thanks for playing Adna Plays! ( Ending 1 - Good ending )

Is controller usable for this?

Unfortunately not as the game was created in 2 weeks, might be able to remap keys with some 3rd party software though

All good. I'll probably just re-figure my keys. I'll post the YT video when It's finished. I do No Commentary Gameplay Let's Plays, Seems there's quite a few people that don't like over the top-commentary so, I took on the "No Commentary" YT versions. LOL. 

This was amazing!! I couldn't figure out how to get the good ending but dammit did I die trying (and screaming, I died screaming...)

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! Nice to see my patrolling is working, the creature does not teleport behind you just patrolling the upper section. In order to progress and get the good ending you need to crawl = C, under some pipes and continue and get some stuff. Hope you manage to get the good ending, if not there are lots of videos showing how to get it. Cheers!


Glad you think so.

Incredibly well made, the tight spaces and sound design lead to some severe anxiety, and the view distance just amplifies that. The monster is creepy but not overly cheesy, and the found footage style plays well into it.


The only controls you really need are the ones listed on the games page, i should have added a text pop-up with how to crouch / crawl.
Crouch = CTRL, Crawl = C. Which is why you had trouble going the opposite direction. Glad you enjoyed the game though and thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Very good game. I like the VHS style. Tell me what inspired you? This game really reminds me of Outlast and Vanishing. Only problem about this game is that it is very confusing. Maybe it's just me, but I got lost easily. But yeah it is still very good effort. i would like to see more from you in the future. Congrats on this game :)

btw here is my video


Thanks for playing! My love of old 90s movies and my own fear of being "Trapt" in secluded areas like sewers is what inspired me, nothing else really. I could see that. Yeah it is disorientating but not too big level design so you are able to memorize the areas. If you want to see more of my work checkout,,


a really great experience, scared me like I haven't in a long time :D Greetings from Germany! <3

Thanks for playing, glad I could deliver some creepiness your way :)


This game made me feel like I was in danger at all times lol. Very nicely done, and I do hope to see more projects from you!



Thanks for playing the game was recently updated to have the creature roam the upper section of the game and more! Cheers! Glad you enjoyed the game.


aw no need to thank me lol. Thank YOU for making such a good game!😁


This was pretty awesome, terrifying, made my skin crawl
I love games that look like old VHS tapes lol 
I personally prefer horror games that don't have real objectives and just walk you through a few places with a bunch of jumpscares but I still really liked this

Thanks for playing, I value atmosphere over "cheap" jumpscares and not really a fan of cheap tactics, glad you enjoyed the game either way!

This game is the best inde game I have ever played the scares are the best and the thrill of the sewer was great I hope you keep making games. If you have not played this game you will miss out

Thanks for the nice words, I have created other games if you are interested,, Sure will keep creating! Thanks again!

This game did atmosphere and low visibility really well! Amazing job! Had trouble finding the key so I have to give this another try! This was the first game in the video!

Thanks for playing hope you manage to get the good ending and be sure to grab v1.1 as i updated the game a bit. Cheers!

This game is absolutely phenomenal. Took a bit of trial and error on my part to figure out the good ending, but I loved every second of this game! Genuinely creepy! I managed to get both endings in this playthrough:


Glad you enjoyed my game, I actually recently updated it to have the creature roam the upper section of the game and more!

Хоррор в духе фильмов VHS  поглощает сильной атмосферой клаустрофобии. Буду рад любой поддержке в виде просмотра или подписки. Спасибо ! / Thanks for watching !

Thanks for playing, appreciate it!

This is really fun and scary to play. I like the cheap jumpscare. Nice job doing this game.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

Very good short horror game, was unsure how to get the good ending though

Thanks for playing! Hope you manage to get the good ending, there are quite a bit of videos showing how to get it if you are stuck!

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