TRAPT 90s VHS Found Footage Trailer + Sequel info

The game has finally gotten an official trailer which you now can watch on the game page or view on YouTube in 1080p:

Download the full game here:

Additionally the sequel to the game and next installment called CATACOMBIA also has gotten a reveal trailer which you also can watch in 1080p on YouTube. The upcoming title will be paid and provide a longer fleshed out expeirence with more mechanics etc ( rewind time mechanic, night vision + oil lantern and more ) and will be released on Steam in a near future.

Description: Catacombia the sequel to TRAPT is a VHS aesthetic found footage horror experience that plays on realistic situations and claustrophobic environments with a deep atmosphere, this installment features a brand new story based upon the famous Paris Catacombs.


In the 90s an explorer is lost deep within the Paris Catacombs. All that is recovered from the scene is the last recording on the camera found within the catacombs. Now you will have to relive the persons experience through the recording itself. See if you can alter the outcome, unravel the mystery of the depths of the catacombs and ultimately change their fate for survival or sudden demise.

Big thanks to all the players and all the people who  have provided feedback and enjoyed the terrors that lie within my VHS series of games!


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